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What Do You Call The Part Of A Bride's Dress That Extends To The Ground?

Have you for once wondered why there apparently seems to be a waste of cloth or material for most bridal gowns? Well, this piece of tradition or fashion has got some sort of history_ one I intend to share with you along with revealing what that extra piece of fabric is called. The practice is known to have stemmed from the Middle Ages where marriages between a princess and a royal groom were often political in nature. That is to say, these nuptials served as a means of gaining some sort of alliance between two countries, and since these weddings were so important, the bride's gown had to showcase the wealth of her nation. While the types of materials used for the dress quite well depicted such wealth, the amount of fabric was also thought to be very symbolic. As time went on, other brides had deemed the royal style worthy of emulation, and so it in turn became the order of the day.Now, regarding the name given to that extra fabric that is seen trailing behind most bridal gowns_ " Bridal Train" or "Train" for short is the term. Queen Victoria of Britain is known to have been the first royal bride to have her train carried down the aisle by her bridesmaids, something which also prompted a new wedding trend thenceforth amongst the upper class.

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