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8 Types of Women That Give Pressure To Men In Relationships & Marriage

When it comes to marriage and relationships, one of the fastest ways any man can frustrate his life and die early is to go for the wrong woman. When this happens, your woman is not a better half but a bitter half. If there is a ‘Sweetheart’ then it means there is a ‘Bitterheart’ as well. Men, learn to cut your coat according to the size of your cloth. In this article, I will talk about 8 types of women that give pressure to men in relationships and marriage.

1.Expensive & Luxurious Girls

The cost of their perfumes alone is someone’s salary and they have high taste for material things in life. The amount they spend a day in expensive restaurants could be the monthly budget for an average economy family size. 

2.Broke slay queens and prostitutes

Greed and high desire for expensive things cause them to give unnecessary pressure to the men they date or marry. They love to be lavished with latest fashion dresses and other expensive products so that they can take pictures and splash them on social media, hence they put pressure on their sponsors to provide for them. 

3.Expensive birthday and anniversary celebrant women 

These type of women may not appear as expensive women but they can really pull a surprise and switch into luxurious celebrations. Their excuse is “Oh, this is once a year event. Make yourself and your soul happy”. To the married men and single guys in relationship, if your woman’s birthday is just around the corner and she belongs to this class of people, then start praying for grace when you know you do not have such kind of money. 

4.Frustrated and brokenhearted women that need healing

Give a woman love and she will make your world colourful and so beautiful but a frustrated and a brokenhearted woman is a dangerous person and a silent weapon. Fall in love with them in their state of brokenness and they can pour their anger and frustrations into your life. 

5.Single ladies and the married ones that want to raise their status 

To raise their status and peg themselves among a particular class of people, some single ladies and the married ones begin to make high and unnecessary demands to prove that they now belong to a class above their peers.  

6.Women that feel that you do not deserve them in life: 

The moment any woman reaches that status that you do not deserve her and she begins to show it in her attitude and comments, know that pressure will start mounting on you and she may start making high demands, giving you lots of pressure and finally dump you and go for another person.  

7.Bread winner women of the family

When a woman becomes the bread winner and financial sponsor of the family, even her silence alone is pressure for the man. When she could no longer foot all bills alone, you will feel the heat of life even if you sleep in air conditioned room everyday. 

8.A woman who feels that she made you into who you are now

If you do not know how to play your cards very well and you start messing up with the woman that assisted you to become the real man you are today, your deeds can cause her to mount unnecessary pressure on you. 

My Advice

Dear young men and women, life is not all about living on luxurious and other expensive things. If you have not saved for that expensive thing and you do not have that kind of money, look for alternatives in life. Life is not all about spending and spending more money to prove a point to enhance your status. Life is about planning and living by such plans to save for the future and secure it against evil days. Avoid giving each other unnecessary pressure. 

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