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Husband and wife relationship

A woman slaps husband on live radio after accusing her of keeping toilet and urine in their room

A lot of people have been criticizing this program Obra meaning life, they have been doing at Nhyira Fm because they think is not a good thing for them to expose people's marriage problems on the radio. Others think is a good program because it has been educating married couples on how to treat each other so that they will be happy always. Recently a man called Kofi brought her wife Beatrice to Nhyira because her wife is very dirty in the house.

According to Kofi, her wife is very dirty she even urinate and keeps her toilet in their room. This made her wife stand up and slap him in the studio and this made a lot of people shocked. Kofi asked Beatrice to slap him again but Beatrice couldn't slap him. Beatrice said her husband is lying and what he is saying is not true. Kofi told the host that she has seen with her own eyes that Beatrice has slapped him and she can also ask his landlord who washes his children's clothes. The landlord said Kofi has been washing the children's clothes always.

Some comments from people on social media. A lot of people were disappointed with Beatrice for slapping Kofi and they think this proves that Kofi is speaking the truth. Others think this clearly shows how Kofi is suffering at home because you can't just slap your husband even if he is lying.

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