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Top Five(5) Most Loved Foods In Ghana

Without food, there is no life. Eating good food every day ensure your good health and growth. There are numerous Ghanaian dishes which everyone loves to eat depending on the kind of meal. We have the favorite meals for every single tribe in Ghana.

Now let us look at the top five most loved meals in Ghana.

1. Fufu and Palm But Soup.

Undoubtedly, the most loved meal in Ghana right now and of all time. This meal is mostly normally confused either in the afternoon or evening. Most people love to eat it in the evening. We use cassava and either yam or plantain to make the fufu. It is loved by all tribes in Ghana and it is very delicious but not quite easy to prepare. Because of the way we love the fufu, there has been some improved way of preparing it to make it easy for us. That is the introduction of fufu pounding machine.

2. Banku and Okro Stew

This meal is been loved by the people of Ga and also the Fantes, It is very delicious and you can eat it anytime you want so far as it is hot. It is good and a very healthy meal.

3. Yam and Kontomire Stew

Combination of these two makes great. You should try these two and it is the third most loved meal in Ghana.

4. Rice and Stew

Rice and Stew is very popular these days. We say it is a imported meal to our Ghanaian system. People love this meal especially kids. It is been sold everywhere in the country. It is also easy to prepare.

5. Waakye

Waakye is just like the rice, but reddish brown in colour is also loved by Ghanaian especially the northeners.

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