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VIDEO: Gays Captured 'Chopping' Love & Displaying Huge Sums Of Cash At A Gathering

A guy dressed in ladies apparel has been captured displaying huge sums of money at a gathering. This guy in ladies apparel seems to be the 'girlfriend' of the man in the white shirt. Looking at the image below, the guy in the white shirt holds the waist of his gay partner as they dance together.

He holds the waist and shakes his waist towards the guy in ladies apparel. At some point in time, the 'lady' got too excited and turn her backside for her man. It was at this point that the 'lady' removed huge sums of money from her bag and began to spread it on the guy.

The money in her bag got finished so she removed another money from a brown envelope and continue to spread it on this guy. At this point, all the attention of the people at the gathering were on them. The guy was seen sweating profusely but maybe because the money was being spread on him, he couldn't stop.

There was someone who was collecting this money from the ground for this guy. It was actually a lady who was collecting these monies on the ground for the guy. Some Ghanaians think that the lady collecting the money from the ground could be a girlfriend of the 'male' gay. They argued that these days money can make people do anything.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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