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Divorce Affair

Sleeping with your brother-in-law isn't cheating because you're their wife - Popular Female Pastor.

Sleeping with your brother-in-law isn't cheating because you're their wife, according to the female Pastor Veronica. The strangest things a pastor has ever said, and it will live on in history. Since they are of the same lineage, Pastor Veronica believes it is appropriate for a married woman to sleep with her husband's brothers.

Pastor Mrs. Veronica, the founder of Asaba, Delta State's Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, has made headlines yet again for a controversial remark defending adultery in marriage.

Most social media users mocked the female pastor for her comments that infidelity in marriage is encouraged.

This female preacher once said that any man who makes love to her would be cured of infertility because God anointed her womb?

Pastor Veronica has now taken to social media to say that a wife should sleep with her husband's brother without it being considered adultery.

According to her, a married woman has no problem sleeping with her husband's brothers because they share the same ancestry and blood, which explains why family members often refer to their brother's wives as "our wives," implying that she belongs to everyone in the family.

“Your brother-in-law is your husband, and they are of the same blood, so they are of the same bloodline,” she wrote. If something happens and you both have an affair, you have not cheated on your spouse because you are their wife, which is why they refer to you as "our wife" in African culture. You have cheated unless you have an affair with an outsider.”

Can you do it if you agree with the female pastor's statement?

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