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Husband and wife relationship

How I Slept With Another Man After I Had An Argument With My Husband-A Married Woman Tells

A woman named Akua shared the reason how she slept with another man she had after an argument with her husband. The woman explained that she was a house help before she met her husband Atta. The man convinced her to stop that work and marry him. After hearing his words, she returned to her hometown hoping to get married soon.

The man actually followed her to her parents' house, they got married and lived in his family house with her stepson. Although Atta took good care of her, but the man's family began to accuse her of abusing her stepson, whom she did everything for like her own child. After she gave birth, the man and his sister started abusing her because her stepson was losing weight. She then told her husband that she didn't want to stay at that house.

Atta listened to her and rented them another room in Buoho, but his siblings convinced him to start beating her if she tries to argue with him. Instead of ignoring the advice, her husband took it and began to abuse her. Gloria says that the man always beat her with a belt when they had a misunderstanding. One day she had an argument with Atta but she felt bad about how he has been beating her, and this made her to visit her male friend but she slept with him while she was still living with her husband.

Gloria went on to say that when she got home, she regretted it and confessed to her husband and pleaded for forgiveness. Unfortunately she got pregnant a month later but her husband told her that he was not responsible for the pregnancy. The woman said that she took care of herself until the baby was born, but Atta still did not want her to feel comfortable at home.

He continued to tell her that he was not the child's father. Gloria said she wants to do a DNA test to confirm her child's father. According to Atta, he became suspicious of his wife after she started selling drinks, she always chat with another man, claiming he was her family member. He even warned the man to stay away from his wife, but Gloria continued to chat with him.

He even became furious and beat her to prevent her from having affair with that person but Gloria went ahead to sleep with him. Even after she got pregnant, that man had the audacity to come to their house and tell him that he was responsible for the pregnancy, that's why he didn't want to accept the child. 

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