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Husband and wife relationship

Should I take him back

We have been married for 16years now. Making efforts to have children. This childlessness after marriage is increasingly dropping the spiritual bond I have with my husband.

He doesn’t pay attention to me anymore. He goes to work and comes back home any time he desires. And sometimes barfly. 

I could tell it's all because of our inability to have children. After work throughout the week, I am left alone at home during weekends. He goes out to have fun without me. I feel like my presence irritated him so I introduced a friend of mine to my home to keep me company. She was single.

My friend could be with me till my husband comes back home late in the night. When I want to drop her off, my husband won't let me. He said it's late. He drops off my friend by her house. Occasionally we drop off my friend together. That has been the trend for a couple of months presently. 

On our 17th anniversary, my friend could not attend. She called she was sick. I told my husband for both of us to visit her. The said visit never happened. Anytime I talked about it my husband turns it down. 

I noticed my husband makes some fishy calls lately. I eavesdropped on some of his recent conversations and I suspected my husband is having an affair. What could I have done?. I was not able to fulfill one thing he wanted dearly in our marriage. Sometimes I felt like taking my own life.

As usual, he left me alone one weekend and I decided to visit my friend. I met another friend at my friend's house. She broke the news to me that our friend is pregnant. Wow, she never told me. Could it be what I was thinking? She has never introduced anyone as her boyfriend or partner. Am curious. So I quickly asked, who is responsible for it? She never said anything. I told my husband about it and he never said anything. Hmmm, I said to myself “did my friend slept with my husband?”

One day I found shopping receipts in my husband's pocket. He shopped for groceries but those groceries didn't come to my house. I concluded my husband is seeing another woman but just could not figure out which woman.

Could it be my friend?

I felt neglected and rejected by my husband. So I started going out on weekends anytime he leaves the house just to cheer myself up. I met a man one weekend and we started talking to know each other. He gave me all the attention and I felt motivated again. I was very comfortable around him. I visited him and he took me shopping. Unfortunately, we met my husband, he was furious he put me in the car and drove me home. He asked who that man was. I couldn't tell him. And that was the first time my husband laid his hand on me. 

I didn't see my period the next month. Jesus! I was pregnant. Not for my husband because I had slept with that man once but decided not to do it again because I felt guilty. My husband had not slept with me couple of months now.

My husband went for divorce papers immediately after he found out am pregnant and left me. 

Shockingly after seven months, I run into my friend in a hospital, she had given birth to an adorable baby girl. She was so happy to see me pregnant. I couldn’t tell her the pregnancy was not for my husband. About five minutes later, I saw a gentleman, walked out from the pharmacy to get my friend and her baby, and that was when she introduced her boyfriend. It turns out that my husband wasn't the father to her child. How stupid I felt. 

Little did I know this man who got me pregnant was married and also had issues with childbirth. He wants to take me as a second wife. 

I have given birth for a year now. My ex-husband want to marry me again. Am so confused right now, please help me.

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