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10 Things Every Man Wants His Girl To Do For Him

Being in a relationship requires a lot of sensitivity.

For example, knowing how to treat your man right without even being told what to do, and also staying faithful is a requirement that does not need to be mentioned. Everyone in an exclusive romantic relationship knows this.

Apart from a need to be with someone faithful loyal and honest with them, these are five other things men usually want from women they are dating or married to:

When he's away or busy building a career, he expects you to not seek attention and comfort in other guys.

When he's warning you about the wrong intentions of your guy friend, he wants you to listen, unless he's an overly possessive control freak, chances are that he's right.

He doesn't want hints. Be straightforward, life is so much easier that way.

The lesser the melodrama the better.

He doesn't want to feel like physical intimacy is a favour you are bestowing upon him.

He wants to feel needed, loved, cared for, respected and pampered too.

He wants you to be ambitious, he wants to see you both grow. Take the responsibilities, not just the rights. He'll be happy to see you succeed.

He wants to share unfiltered things and not feel judged. Listen to him like a friend, not like his mother.

He doesn't want a GPS that'd keep track of his moves.

If he has committed to you, trust him, he won't let you go.

Every man is different, but a lot of guys refuse to admit the traits they want in a woman because they are afraid of being called misogynists.

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