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Do You Like Watching Pornography? If Yes, This Is For You. (PHOTOS)

Most youth and teenagers of today have made it their bad of watching pornography on their phones especially when they are in their rooms alone when there’s no one around. Now the question is , if watching it was a good thing, why would they prefer watching it alone when there’s no one around. Pornography is very bad and it has very negative impact on the people that watch. 

First of all , it makes one addicted. If you watch pornography for a very longtime, you become addicted to it. Every now and then you will searching for new porn sites to watch. This is actually the dangerous part of it.

Another thing too is that, pornography is very demonic. It is a new way the devil has devised to have a lot of people sin and in order for them to go to hell.The Bible frowns upon it. 

Finally Pornography, also result in masturbation, especially among the boys.

In Conclusion, I will take this opportunity to advise any young person out there who is a fond of watching pornography to stop because it is not a good thing. It separates you from God because God hates sin. And again, Pornography has very negative impact on the people that watch. 

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PHOTOS This Is For You


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