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It is time to stop hurting yourself

Thank you for clicking on my article. Pain is a very deep emotion that even words cannot be enough to describe it. One way or another you have experienced pain before. It destroys some and makes others stronger in life. The whole difference between two people hurting is that, one can let go and move on. 

 Today I have for you all an article that highlights the reasons why you keep on hurting.

-You give more attention to those who ignore you: 

When you feel you are in such a situation, it is because the other believes that you cannot live without them. They only come to you when they need your help, because why not? They know you cannot turn them down. These people are certainly hurting you within and it is time to let go.

-You care for people who care less for you:

Yes, that’s a very nice gesture but there is always a limit to everything. You must let them know that what they are doing is very wrong. It is time to stand up and firm and not give them the chance to misbehave. To be a caring person is indeed a blessing but do not let someone, see you as a person who is not worth being loved and cared for.

-Put a stop to attachment:

I have been in a similar situation before. When I hear of an interesting place, I would love to go with someone but at the end of the day, when the person declines my offer, I also do not go. I placed the feeling of being lonely at the event, while disregarding the fun I would have there. Never let anyone’s opinion stop you from doing what you love to do and where you love to have fun. If they wouldn’t go, that’s their loss. 

-Put a stop to people who are always ‘too busy’ for you:

It is time to shut the door to people pleasing. You have done more than enough in that situation. Some people love to hang out with you because of their interest in what you have and not just because they love to be with you. To some, your absence doesn’t really mean anything to them. They never have time for you when you need them but want you to be available when the tables turn.

If you have ever found yourself in their above situations, it is time to learn to let go. Surely, you can grab a lesson or two from life. 

Thank you for reading.

Image credit to: istockphoto and Unsplash

Content created and supplied by: Cookhie (via Opera News )


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