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"Show A Girl You Don't Care, She Will Chase You. But A Real Woman Will Replace You"-Blessing CEO

The world as it stands has this separated kind of behavior on the side of gender. Many things are spoken and written out loud, others are carved out through experienced people and today, we are going to gear our talks towards one of these said words, the truth in it and how it affects both sides (gender)?

As said above, we will talk a bit about relationships because it is one of the dominant sectors in the world and even building a network. A lot has been said about women, how one must give attention to them, care and pamper them, understand them and make them feel love.

A lot has also been said on the side of men as they are known to be dominant or what others could term as "alpha male". They are the ones who do most of the taking care of. They have to be patient, think to make ends meet and provide the basic things there are to a relationship.

Focusing on the ladies and a bit on the men, talks have come over and over again that some ladies like to be ignored in as much as the attention part stands. It has also been said that, if you argue or have a misunderstanding and she doesn’t want to listen, the man could act as if he doesn’t care and the lady will come crying back to you.

A controversial person in the name of Okoro Blessing and widely known to be Blessing CEO has coined out another possibility many might be missing and might not even be focusing on. Prior to talks of ignoring or showing a girl you don’t care and that she will come chasing you, this is what she had to say.

She pointed out in a video that, if you show a real woman this kind of attitude, instead of chasing you, she will replace you as a man.

Yes, those were her words. How would such a relationship end? Is it good for a man to do this? Is it also good for a woman to act in such a way afterwards?

This is quite a hit as no one saw this coming. What are your views on this?

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