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10 Habits That Are Destroying Your Relationship

There are some habits we need to put to check as long as we want our relationships to grow.

The coming together of two individuals with different mindsets and upbringing is a process that takes time, and making a relationship work requires a lot of effort and commitment from us. Sometimes, it lasts in love but sometimes, it hurts instead.

There is no magical relationship and there is neither a perfect spouse. What we have are two people whose imperfections complement each other. Two persons that have determined to help each other grow.

1. Ineffective Communication

If you don’t have the tools, willingness or simply the capacity to communicate effectively with your partner, you will have a hard time building the foundation you need to thrive, romantically, over time.

2. Inability to Compromise

Look, no relationship is perfect. Each partner will have to pick and choose their battles and take the time to determine what their ‘non-negotiables’ are within a relationship. However, beyond that which is deemed as a non-negotiable, both partners will encounter moments (arguments, decisions etc.) in which they have to compromise. A partnership is, ultimately, a collaboration, after all. So ask yourself, are you willing to meet in the middle and maintain an open mind, or is it always your way or the highway?

3. Selfishness

In any relationship, you should advocate for the success and happiness of your partner in equal measure to your own. There will be many cases in which your immediate expectations or desires might need to take a backseat, for your partner to thrive. That’s okay. That’s life and love, and it’s a matter of finding the balance. Operating with a selfish agenda, especially within a romantic partnership, is a recipe for disaster - or a very short-lived relationship, at least.

4. Over possessiveness- Everyone in the world is kind of possessive, but being over possessive can ruin your healthy relationship.

5. Short-tempered mindset - if someone is short-tempered, then it's enough to ruin a wonderful relationship.

6. Not understanding the situation of your partner can badly damage your relationship.

7. Not giving proper space can also be the reason.

8. Everyone has the right to ask questions but those questions should be logical. Just don't ask rubbish things.

9. Replacing all the reasons you fell in love with your partner with thoughts about your partner’s flaws. Negative habits develop more easily than positive. Instead, focus on your self-inventory and your accountability.

10. Acting based on assumption. Learn to confirm things before taking action.

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