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Lady ran mad after she was dropped off from an expensive car. [Photos]

Lady ran mad after she was dropped off from an expensive car. [Photos]

Girlfriends/boyfriends, in my opinion, should indeed be prioritized among your friendships and treated as more important than the others. This does not, however, imply that

that you should never treat your regular friends with disrespect. Friendships are still friendships, and all friendships need to be nurtured and maintained with care.

People are both apprehensive about beginning new romantic relationships but there is nothing more nerve-wracking than putting yourself out there before asking a question you know you won't like.

(I'm sure that there are many more frightening things, but they're mainly phantoms & beasts, because I don't believe they're truly involved in what we're addressing today.)

This, I assume, is not the first time a similar scenario has occurred. Ladies, please be aware of the type of boyfriend you are pursuing in order to prevent an unexpected story.

"Poor boyfriends is better than a Yahoo boy with Lexus & Benz. Don't kill yourself for nothing. The lady below in the pic ran crazy in Enugu ShopRite few seconds after she was dropoff from an expensive car."

See the photos below 👇

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