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(Picture): Relationship Wahala: What will you do if you were in this position.

Love can make people do things that under normal circumstance they might not have done. So many things go on between a man and a woman when they are in a relationship. What normally crushes most relationship is cheating. Anytime a lady or a guy suspects that their partner is cheating, they can go any length of catching or them. A pictures which popped up on the net has caused many controversies and many netizens are expressing their views on it. The picture has a guy who has been tied on a bed, whiles a girl sits beside her scrolling through a phone which many people believe could belong to the guy. 

According to a section of netizens, they believe it is wrong for the girl to tie the guy to the bed. They also believe that even if the guy is suspected to be cheating there are so many ways of going about finding out. They also believe that, the guy too must have been convinced enough or was probably drugged before the lady could tie him to the bed. A section of the people also believe that, what the lady did is a good thing, because most men are guilty of always cheating on their ladies. They believe that, most women are vulnerable and men ride on that to cheat on their partners. So for the lady to have lured her man into believing something which turned out to be this form of punishment, they believe it’s a good thing. 

However, a section also believe that, there are so many ways of finding out if your partner is cheating. They believe she could have waited for him to fall asleep or gone out, before she could have moved into action. For her to go the extra-mile of letting the guy know she wanted to find out what he does with his phone is not something good to write home about. More so the lesson is that, most girls should know how to go about issues like cheating in a more subtle manner instead of using the hard approach which could obviously lead to divorce or separation. Men should also know that, cheating is off limit if and when they are in a relationship with another woman. 

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