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Wedding planning scene

Video: Bride Causes Stir With Her Chakachaka Make Up On Her Wedding Day

A bride has lofty aspirations from her guests, who will want her to look immaculate from head to toe on her wedding day, according to a video popular on social media. The groom only needs his suit and a good shoe to look good; he doesn't even need makeup or a wig to seem good.

As shown in a video that was posted on social networking sites and was made accessible to AfricaWish, a bride's guests expect her to appear flawless from head to toe on her wedding day. To appear decent, the groom simply needs his suit and a good shoe; he doesn't even need cosmetics or a wig. It is sometimes necessary to spend a little on yourself especially on your wedding day

Aside from the weird makeup, her facial expression is also another thing. Let us know what you think about this post by commenting below and also sharing the post.

Watch the video here

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