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You Might Still Be In The Game: Reasons Why She Ignores You Even Though She's Interested In You

Sometimes you are talking to a wonderful woman, she has shown you that she is charming, attentive and intelligent, however, out of nowhere she ignores you and you do not understand why. You feel like you did something wrong or maybe you said something that didn't seem right to him. You feel guilty, but the reality is that you are not the problem, she is.

She likes you and is interested, but ignores you because she does not yet have the courage to accept what she feels. I mean, she doesn't know if she wants something serious with you or just feels good about you for the moment. There are even some women who show their love by ignoring you. Yes, it sounds illogical, but if we analyze it, they think it is a tactic to get your attention.

For this reason, we have listed some reasons why she ignores you, even if she is very interested. So you can find out, if you are with someone who does love you or you are just a game for her:

1. You Are The Journey.

They say that some people are the journey and others the destination. That is, she is not convinced that you are the man of her life, but of the moment. Remember that it is one thing for her to be interested, another for her to like you and quite apart for her to love you. With the first two there are many possibilities and she is giving herself the pleasure of trying and analyzing them.

2. Live In A Comfort Zone.

For her, things are easier and simpler if she stays where she is. You can fascinate her, but if you move her away from that area, she will feel that she will end up losing everything she has. She prefers to keep little, although she could win it all.

3. She Is Afraid Of Love.

Yes, just as we have suffered great love disappointments, so have they. And yes, it is difficult for them to get out of that fear and trust a new love. He ignores you because he does not want to lose again, that is, he walks away because she does not want to be the only one interested and with a broken heart.

4. She Don't Know What She Wants.

She doesn't take you seriously, because she doesn't know what she wants. Your feelings are so confused and you haven't taken the time to really analyze and demonstrate them. By not knowing for sure, she plays at being there for you, showing you affection and interest, but when you want to take another step, she could enter a state of doubt. He doesn't know what she wants, but he also doesn't want to leave control of things to you.

5. She Is Afraid.

From committing to a serious relationship, not having someone else in your life or not living up to the great man that you are. Unfortunately there are women who prefer to stay with fear and not fight for what they want.

6. She Is Still Thinking About It.

That is, if she cares and likes you, this is why she is taking the time to take this relationship to a more important level. She walks away to know that your intentions are serious and also to discover how much interest and love you have for her.

7. She Doesn't Want To Hurt You.

There are still women who prefer to walk away without a trace so as not to play (more) with you. Yes, she has a good time with you, he loves you and you could be the man of his life, but she is not ready to let go of the single life that she enjoys so much.

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