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Hilarious Moment As Slay Queen's Long Hair Got Stuck In A Motorcycle Rim

It has become the order of the day as some ladies keep on doing odd things in order to be noticed. Generally, ladies like attention to be on them. That is why if you are a man and you are not giving enough attention to your girlfriend she can leave you. Some ladies sometimes overdo what they think will attract attention to them. It ranges from excessive makeup, tattoos, long hair, and so on. 

In a video spotted on TikTok, a young lady was suffering as her very long hair got stuck in the rims of a motorbike she boarded. The rim rolled her hair such that she couldn't keep her head upright. It took the intervention of concerned bystanders to attempt to help her out of that disgraceful situation. It was hilarious as those watching f couldn't hide their laughter. I'm sure she will not repeat such a mistake again. 

Click on this link to watch the video;

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