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It Would Be Better To Fall Into Gutter And Break Your Leg That To Fall In Love To Break Your Heart

It would be better to fall into gutter and break your leg than to fall in love to break your heart.

Love is one of the commandments that really pays a lot in human life. It is very essential to every human being on earth to be loved by someone. True love really goes beyond the expectation of humanity if both parties understood themselves well.

One's care of the other is very important in boy - girl relationship which most people have falled into it today.

There is an adage that goes "love without some conflict is not a true love". There are a lot of difficulties associated with loving someone (boy - girl ). Some of these difficulties may be financial issues, sexual satisfaction, lack of companionship, distance matters and many more.

One of the problems which is almost ruling most "infant" relationship is the financial issues. One may say that, loving someone doesn't depend on money. But I want to make it known to you that most ladies and some men enter into relationship purposely of money. Let not forget that "money is the root of all evil".

Most ladies especially embarrasse their partner in public just because he is not having money to cater for her needs which it sometimes painful.

Some also go to the extent of breaking the heart of their partner. They do this by intentionally telling the to leave them alone if he thinks he can not cater for her needs. The most wicked aspect of this situation is that, ladies always say it when they feels they have gotten another guy around the same area.

Broken heart is really distracting from those who have experienced it. This most boys always say that fallen into a gutter and break your leg will be far better than fallen into someone's love and break your leg.

Have you experience broken heart in your life before? If yes let us hear your experience and what you want through during that period and how you were able come into normal.

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