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My Hand Was Cut Off Because My Husband Stabbed Me Multiple Times Over Infidelity- Facebook User Says

A young Facebook user took to her page to celebrate four months of surviving a heinous incident in her marriage that could have claimed her life had it not been for the prompt intervention of her neighbors. She expressed her gratitude to God and stated that she will always be grateful to him alone for what he has done in her life, stating that she does not know where she would be without him. 

Roselyne Victory O'Neil is the lady who decided to share her story in order for those who have previously seen with two hands to understand what happened and why she now has only one hand. She stated that she married her husband in November 2018 and has caught him cheating on her numerous times in their matrimonial bed. She also stated that she contracted HIV from her husband, who constantly cheats on her, and he nearly killed her one day when he aimed a knife at her heart, but she had to defend herself with her hand and stab her three times. 

Below, you can read the complete account of how everything transpired.

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