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I paid her school fees and took care of her family but she is now saying I am not her class- Fiction

I am a driver who never jokes when it comes to business. I have had many failed relationships but my newest relationship was very promising and I believed that we were going to marry no matter what happened.

Let me tell you how it all started. I met my girlfriend some months ago around her 11:00 p.m. in the night. Well, she had ordered for a ride and I just had to do justice to her request. That was one of the most amazing rides I have ever had. She was very beautiful, smelled so nice and was very cooperative. How I wished I could talk to her throughout the whole night.

She got to her destination and had to bid me farewell but never was I going to make that farewell our last one. I gently asked if I could get her number so we could talk some other time. To be very honest with you all, I was thinking she was not going to give me the number but miraculously, she took my phone and dialed her digits.

The joy on my face as I took back my phone from her was the kind of joy I had never expressed. I hadn't proposed yet but I felt I was the luckiest guy in the world. I didn't want to call her the very next day because I thought she would probably think I was trying to just sleep with her. I made it a point to call her three days after the angelic encounter and guess what? She was very welcoming and chatted with me like we had known ourselves for over a year.

Everything is possible taking into consideration the fact that me, who is never her class got to date her at a certain point. I really loved her and I am sure she also loved me the same way I loved her. Even though I loved her, I felt insecure because she was very beautiful and I was thinking someone could easily snatch her from me. Also, she was in the university and was probably exposed to many fine gentlemen over there. Looking at her poor financial background, I was thinking a random guy could easily convince her with his money.

For this reason I decided to do many things to impress her. I started saving money from the sales I made everyday. Every weekend saw me sending her GH¢ 300 and also, I was the one who paid her school fees. She was very grateful and even took me to her parents. At a point I was even sending her mother money even though my own biological mother never received a penny from me.

Guess what? These are things we do for love. To cut this whole story short, this beautiful lady finally graduated from school and had landed herself a job in one of the most prestigious companies in the country. Well, my wife-to-be was now working and I was very happy we were getting closer to marrying. How foolish I was!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe this girl called me on the same phone I bought for her and had the guts to tell me that I was not her class?

She claimed she couldn't marry a person like me because she felt she was way above me. When I heard her say that, I felt I had been paralyzed, my heart started pumping faster and I felt my soul vanishing from my body. So didn't her notice that I wasn't her class when I was paying her school fees?

What pains me most is the fact that I asked her mum to talk to her but she replied to me telling me that, "if you look at your teeth, is my daughter the right meat for you?" I feel hopeless and lost. I have been depressed for a very long time and I don't know who to tell the story to. What even bothers me most is the fact that she has a new boyfriend who she is hoping to marry in a few days to come. Sometimes, I sit there and think about going to destroy the wedding. I am just not myself anymore. Please help me out, what should I do?

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