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Husband and wife relationship

What Should We Do: My Friend's Husband Is A Womanizer- Fiction

I have a friend who is in a dilemma, she got married to her husband 3 years ago after dating for a year. While they were dating, things looked really great. They were the talk of our town. In fact, they became the perfect couple. Everyone hoped for such a relationship. A few months into their wedding he seemed super in love and of course they brought their wedding date forward.

Two months after the wedding, her husband started cheating on her with different women. It was not expected that such a lovely and caring husband could become like that overnight. When she found out, she was terribly devastated. She refused to eat for a day. Her husband apologized, but never felt remorse for what he did and began to treat her like a stranger.

Their son is now 2 years old and my friend's husband's infidelities are getting worse. All her efforts to get him to talk about his way of life and his repentance always ends in a quarrel. She is a shadow of herself today and is thinking about divorce. We ask you to give us advice, please. She needs it.

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