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Meet the girl who has been living in reverse for 30 years.

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Meet the 30-year-old Maria who has been living in reserve all her life. Wait a second; did I say 30 years? Yes, she's 30. Realistically, she look far younger than her age.

According to the mother, Maria is the oldest child of 2. Maria was born normal like anybody else. She went to school, she played with her friends. Her teachers said she was very brilliant. However, one day, Maria was playing outside the house. She played for hours. Then she came saying she was tired and that she was going to take a nap.

After some time, when she woke up and she was no more the Maria we knew. At the beginning, I thought she might have slept on her neck. Since then she's been this way. She doesn't walk anymore. Rather, she crawls with her head hanging backwards.

People try to make an issue out of her condition saying she's been bewitched. Personally, I don't believe that.

"Since there was no money to take her to the hospital, she's at home receiving herbal treatment. Though in some ways she's improved, there's no indication that she will return to normal. However, I pray that things will turn around," the mother said.

Honestly speaking, the cause of Maria's disability remains a mystery until today.

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