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Husband and wife relationship

Check Out What A Man Did To His Wife Few Weeks After Their Wedding

Many people believe marriage is a key to happiness as far as life is concern. But the fact is marrying someone goes beyond happiness because a lot of things are involved in the marriage journey. Though most people will be willing to engage in marriage, even if they are young because they see it to be a safer place for them. According to a viral pictures sighted by MartinezTV has spotted a man who butchers his wife few weeks after their wedding. From the report gathered from the viral pictures, suggest there was a misunderstanding between the man and his wife which resulted to this incident. The place where the incident happened has not been identified yet but it is alleged the incident happened in Nigeria.

The viral pictures going round the social media has raised a lot of reactions by the social media users. Many people could not believe what they saw because this is quite unfortunate to see happening in our society. Most people who reacted to the pictures, took the advantage to advice the young ladies coming up to be vigilant when chosing a partner. Other people also accused the woman of being part of this incident, because they believe she should have gotten to know the behavior of the man before getting married to him.

Check out some of the reactions below;

This is an advice to all young ladies who are eager to enter into marriage because marriage plays an important role in our lives. And for that matter whoever you chooses today would definitely determines your future. Though many ladies would like to be with a rich man but the question is, what impact can you make in that person's life?

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