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Husband and wife relationship

I Have To Imagine Doing It With My Old Boyfriend When My husband Is On The Act Before I'm Satisfied

Marriage indeed is a long journey and you only have to endure every pain in it. I'm in great agony of the kind of man I have chosen as my husband. He is a business man who doesn't have time for himself let alone me. He is only conscious of his money and work.

I'm a model and I'm 25 years of age. I'm a South African but live and work in Ghana. My husband is a Ghanaian businessman.

I met him when the company I work in getting a contract from him to advertise his products on TV. After the contract has come to an end, we got to know each other. He proposed to marry me in the process of our relationship and it was difficult for me to turn him down, knowing very well how rich he is. He already got three 3 wives and I was the fourth.

In our home, money is never a problem, but affection, intimacy, and sex are the very difficulties I'm passing through. My husband doesn't have time for me. I have my own house he bought for me, but he will only visit me anytime he wants to sleep with me. Hardly does he test or call me. I normally become emotionally disturbed and sometimes don't know what to do.

The truth of the matter now is I don't have any affection for him and it becomes difficult for me when we are having sex. I most at the time have to imagine doing it with my old boyfriend when he is on top of me before I can become satisfied. I normally feel guilty of my imagination, but I think it is better than having an affair with a different person.

Whenever I confront him and tell him how I feel, he tells me he is made that way and can't be changed. He told me point blank that I'm not his only wife and I can leave for others to come. I'm confused on what to do.

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