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Must you marry a graduate?

A lot of things and questions usually comes to play when one wants to choose a life partner. Until recently, most young people defines a good partner as someone who is well educated.

Off course yes, it is quite easier in getting along and building a home with people who are learned. However, in the actual sense making a beautiful and strong home goes beyond the scope of education and training as such making this choice a tough one. Normally, taking this decision starts with, knowing what you really want in the relationship, what you are capable to offer and what you expect from the partner.

Now, if you're at point looking for a life partner, who will help you make a beautiful home then these are some things to consider.

1. Choose someone who loves and respect your decisions

2. Someone whom you share common values with.

3. Someone who is willing to invest in the relationship.

4. Someone who will give you peace in your home.

5. Someone who respect and cherish your family.

6. Someone with pure and kind heart, and willing to forgive whenever it's necessary.

7. Someone who is keen on your life.

8. Someone who is generous.

9. Someone who can handle his/her anger

10. Someone who is hardworking.

With reference to the above mentioned, one boldly say that education is not the standard for choosing a perfect life partner.

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