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6 Things Never to Do On A First Date By A Guy

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Love, they say is beautiful, but do we all have that beautiful relationship? The answer is No!. Not everyone has it running smoothly because we sometimes ignore certain behaviours of our partners on our first dates. This is a big mistake on our part.

If he displays any of these behaviours on your first date, my dear girlfriend, run for your life. Some red flags are saviours of future broken heart.

When a lady is on a first date with a guy, she is very much attentive of him and if care is not taken, the guy may not see the lady again. In fact, she will flee for her life.

1. When on a first date with a lady, never expect her to walk all the way from the entrance of the restaurant to you. Be gentle enough to meet her on the way and walk her to her chair. Make sure you sit her down. That's more like it!. She would feel like a princess that she is.

2. Never turn up on your first date late. First impression always counts. If you can't make time to meet your lady in time then I'm afraid she would not take you as serious person. Make sure you are there before her.

3. Another important thing is to never disrespect the waiter or waitress. Imagine shouting at that poor waiter/waitress and speaking with your lady calmly. It is possible if your lady happens to be on the other side, she would be treated same. Be nice to them and leave the boys and girlss with some coins if possible.

4. Never on a first date say nasty things about women. You may be signing off the relationship. Women are women and they wouldn't want you to say ill things about them and not even their counterparts. So becareful how you say "My sister doesn't know how to dress". Have you tried teaching her? There you are!.

5. Never on a first date hijack the conversation. Let the conversation be two-way. Imagine you are the only one talking while she starts to dose off. You are the cause. Let her feel she is equally present on the date. A lady once excuse a guy on a date to visit the washroom and the next thing was that, she run away. According to her, the guy is self centered. He was just talking about his achievements in life and what have you forgetting the lady too is also on the achievement ladder.

6. Lastly, when speaking to her never raise your voice. Speak with passion not with megaphone. Imagine everyone turning to look at you guys just because you called for it. Speak to her like you are putting her to sleep.

I hope you won't make any of these mistakes on your first date.

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