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Husband and wife relationship

“I Caught My Husband Having Sex With My Mum Who Came To Visit Us Abroad”- Woman Sadly Shares.

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We wake up every morning only to hear news of different categories. Some of these news tend to bring joy to us whereas some creates confusion and stirs all over. A married woman has taken to Facebook in a post of what she discovered about her husband and her mother. She made mention of her being a mother of four and she got married to her husbands ten years ago. She has been abroad for all these while but her mum usually comes for visits regularly. She also revealed that, her mum always backs her husband if even he is wrong whenever they has misunderstandings. Her husband also happens to be the assistant pastor at church.

It then came to a time she was placed on night shift only so her husband usually accompanies her at her workplace. Her night shift came to an end without her notice and she realized it when she went to work on her off day so she had to return home. She decided not to call her husband to pick her up for she did not do any job that day. On reaching home, she got a shock of her life as she noticed something unthinkable.

She spotted her husband on her own mum naked having an affair and she fainted on the spot. After sometime when she gained consciousness at the hospital, they both pleaded to her to make all what she saw a secret and she decided to ask them what led to that abomination. They both confessed that they have been in a relationship for long and her mum suggested to her husband at that time that, he should marry her daughter instead of another woman. Most of her visits are purposely to come and solidify her existing relationship with her daughter's husband. Her husband is pleading for her not to make the church congregation hear this issue and her mum also is pleading for her not to tell her dad what she discovered.

She then left over to netizens who came across her post on how she should go about this issue. What is your opinion? Let your comments be heard in the comment section.

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