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"I Need A Man Whose Thing Is Very Hard, The One That Shift Intestines In Bed" - Lady Says (+VIDEO)

Some of the young ladies in this generation will kill men with their sexual expectations. They are the reason why some young men always take unnecessary medicines before engaging in sexual activities. This is not the first time a lady has come out with such a statement. A few days ago, a woman came out to say that she needs a guy who can give it to her very hard to shift her womb.

The lady in your picture above has also recorded herself and says that she need a man whose thing is thick and very hard. The one that stands on its feet for a longer period of time. She spoke in a typical Twi language and said, "I need a man whose thing is very hard. The one that stands on its feet when I am sucking it and also the one that can shift my intestines".

She added that some men things become soft and weak when she starts to suck them. Those ones are really boring and frustrating in bed. So from today onwards, she needs a man who is strong in bed with a hard thing. This is a lady who has an innocent face. Some Ghanaians became shocked when such a beautiful lady came out with this statement.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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