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Men Should Stop Sucking Women's Breast, You Can Be Killed Easily- Ajagurajah Causes Stir

Men, especially those of royalty have been warned about sucking the breast of women because of sexual pleasures. According to the founder of Ajagurajah Movement, Odeefuo Kwabena Asiamah popularly called Ajagurajah, the easiest way some women have been assassinating men has been through sexual pleasures.

He explained that some women apply poisonous substances around their nipples and on the breast so that their targets [men] get poisoned when they suck on them. Ajagurajah intimated that men of influence have died mysteriously through sexual encounter with women.

The controversial man of God said it would be appropriate for men to stay away from the breast of a woman if they so wish to live long. He mentioned that women who have so much hatred for their male counterparts would go this extent to eliminate them without a single trace or suspicions that could link them to the crime.

Ajagurajah continued that such women would lure your into sucking their breast, adding that there is no way men could resist their temptations.

"Every prominent person dies through poisoning. The women of today have been very cautious putting any poisonous substance in your food. Even if your bodyguards are over thousand, there will be none in your bedroom.

"When they get into your room, they will ask to wash down before coming to bed. She walks into the washroom with her bag, and then applies the poison around the nipples. She will lure you into sucking from the breast when she walks into your bed. You will die slowly. Latest by two weeks."

Odeefuo Kwabena Asiamah concluded that it is within his right to wean men from sucking the breast of women, adding that it is the only way to protect them from the threat of bodily pleasures and death.

"So if you are a man who fondles or sucks from woman breast, I have weaned you from it."

His remark conflicts with an advocacy that men should fondle the breast of their partners so as to protect them from breast cancer infections. The month of October if breast cancer awareness month, and women are entreated to allow their men suck and fondle their breast not only for sexual pleasures but to protect them from the deadly cancer disease.

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