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Girl, don't let him fool you. Here Are Signs He's Tired of You

Dealing with a tired boyfriend is probably one of the most challenging obstacles you can go through in your relationship. More often than not, you do not realize that you have ceased to exist in his mind until you take a closer look. So if you have that negative feeling within you but you are not sure if you are just embarrassed or really tired, here are ten signs to tell you that he is tired of you:

1. There is an incomprehensible quietness that is uncomfortable when you are together.

You missed the drive to find some new things to talk about. He sees that, but he does nothing about it. It's like you're right about things between you that aren't right. You ask him what he wants, but he just ignores you.

2. He spends less time with you.

This is not always bad, especially when he is busy like a bee and other important things in his life: his job, family, his problems, etc. However, if he is not going to waste quality time with you and he only calls you to get things to fix up, it is time to wonder if you can handle such a big problem.

3. He does not praise you as much as before.

You just do your hair well in the salon and you look shiny and refreshed, thanks to your dermatologist. However, he failed to get his distinctive attention despite your best efforts to get him to see it. When this happens, know that it is not because of you but because of him that he had lost interest in you 

4. His last date with you was years ago.

The last he takes out on a date has been very long and once you remind him, it’s as if he doesn’t find out what your crystal clear point is. He makes excuses and tells you he is going to plan for you, but that doesn't happen.

5. He does not make love with you as much as he used to do.

If all she does is lie on her back waiting for you to give her a headache but she is not even willing to let you down or do anything that will make you a happy girl, then she has also lost the joy of being around you.

6. He stops texting you and doesn't talk to you on the phone as before.

Guys often send messages in the gut — whatever they hear, when they hear it. Also, he started talking to you like a stranger on the phone; no personality, just roar to get in the conversation. A boy who loves his girlfriend wants to go in with her to see if she is OK. He will drive you during the day and usually at night he will say good night or let you know that he is thinking of you. If this stops and you haven't heard from him for days or weeks, it doesn't look good.

7. He prefer to spend time doing other things instead of having fun with you.

Besides spending time with your friends, what other reason does your man have to spend time together? It could be work, family, his projects, and interests. Note that all of these things are important; in fact, if he is not focused on any of these, he needs to be determined. However, the opposite is also true.

Does he just disappear for days and then blame him for the job? It would take nothing for him to send a simple text and call during a break. If that does not happen, then it may be that he is deliberately trying to escape. However, if he makes an effort to keep you posted on his busy schedule, the man may be really busy.

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