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Divorce Affair

(Leaked): Woman cheated in a car with another man but exposed later.

(Leaked): Chairman’s girlfriend chopped in a car, Video gets leaked after incident. 

i humbly welcome you all to my comment-pleading page. After reading this “chairman’s” article, please do not forget to comment, like and share. 

This article talks about a man who is popularly known as Akwasi in a community called Shiabu. He was healthy man but now bedridden by heartbreak. Relax and let me take you through all corners of this issue.A very popular man in Shiabu by name Akwasi has been bedridden in his room for what medical conditions? We do not know yet but reports reaching Dimaskinosnews has it that, his girlfriend whom he has spent a lot on has been have sexual affair with a no-body in that same area.

This was proved by a video of the two doing it in a car bought by this same Akwasi guy for the woman. In the video, one could hear the woman whose name is not yet known to us asking her banger to stop filming them as she is beginning to feel uncomfortable with it. 

Mr.Eater assured the unfaithful woman that the video will be deleted once they were done with it. The girl being in the mood had little or no problem with the suggestion and went on going up and down on the rather but lucky man below her. 

A friend of Akwasi got a copy of the video and showed it to Mr.Payer. This man upon seeing this got furious and went to the woman’s house. That place we have learnt was even paid for by the angry man. How the issue attacked his internal organs causing them to fail them is still a mystery to all but the man is at now in a hospital nearby.

Now the question for you is that you should be blamed if the man does not make it alive? The friend who showed the video or the slutty girlfriend? Let we know of your thoughts. Thank you.Reference: Moshoshoblog and LtvGhana on YouTube.

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