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What a Shame. Go Find A Man Of Your Own Before this happens.

So you are turning 25 years old and still not married? You better think twice about it when you are living in Denmark because your friends will spray you with cinnamon powder.

During my first visit to Denmark, I was one time driving in a friend's car in Herning when I saw such event taking place at first hand. A beautiful young girl was tired with a rope onto a street pole, and was being sprayed with cinnamon powder mixed with eggs.

I was like, 'Whaaaaat?' as I culould not believe what I was seeing. "Is that a prank?" I asked.

I inquired from my Danish friend, who told me it is a Danish Tradition for singles, In my mind I thought it was meant for only the single ladies, so I said "OMG! Girls have suffered."

I later learnt that in Denmark the tradition allows both males and females to be pelted with cinnamon from the head to the toes as they reach 25 years of age and still not married.

Apparently, it stems from the time when Danish spice salesmen devoted so much time to their trade that they forgot to find a wife to marry and settle down with.

This makes sense on your 30th birthday, where the cinnamon gets upgraded to pepper.

Weird tradition right? But hey! Every country has their own weird traditions too.

So folks, you better find yourselves a wife or husband before you reach your 25 birthday.

Thank you for reading.

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