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Check out what People notice on the bride’s face (photos)

The decision to marry is the biggest decision that most people make in a lifetime.

Marriage is a gift an amazing blessing from God.

 Wedding day photos of an unknown couple (groom and bride) have been making rounds on social media and people have been talking about the bride’s face.

If you’re being made to get married when you don’t want to, this is a forced marriage.

You should always have a choice about if you want to get married, and you should always have a right to say no.

They say, in all the pictures the bride does not seem like she was happy on her wedding day. Some even go as far as saying she looks like she was forced into the marriage.

Never Force Anything That Is Not Meant To Be

It is easy to fall into forcing things we want when they are not meant to be for us, that is why some of them are terrible to get. The good thing is that we get to realize what we have done and analyze what is the best path to follow.

This is why we also have lessons to learn when we force what is not meant to be. We are spirits and we have a guide of spirits helping us when is really needed. We always have the power in the end of what decisions we are going to take.

While some say the groom isn’t pleasing to the eye and that the woman married him for his wealth, others believe that the groom.

Love is not about money. If you find love in someone you are the luckiest person in the world. Having money doesn’t always guarantee that love will last.

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