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Ten Insights Into What Men Want To See In Their Women

Have you ever wondered what are the characteristics that men love most in a woman? Let's find out together. When it comes to attraction, the dynamics that come into play are many and often incomprehensible. When it comes to men, for example, it's really hard to predict what he likes about women. 

Beyond the aesthetic aspect which is purely subjective and which will therefore be different from man to man, there are in fact many things that concern the female world and for which men are crazy. These are mostly characteristics and ways of doing that often tend to be underestimated and which instead have a certain success from the male point of view. 

Today, therefore, we will discover together which are the purely feminine characteristics that men adore. Without forgetting that among these there are also those that we consider defects. It often happens to wonder what can please a man. And even if the basic rule should be to remain yourself and never change for anyone, sooner or later we all find ourselves faced with this question. After all, men are hardly ever great speakers. Understanding what they really like, then, can be really difficult.

Still, there are some more or less common characteristics that seem to attract them more clearly than others. And some of these are truly unsuspected. 

1. A confident woman

One of the features that men love the most is safety. A confident woman who knows what she wants and who interacts easily turns out to be particularly attractive. This does not mean that they love women all in one piece. What attracts them is often the contrast between ways of being different and often in opposition to each other. 

2. The ability to express emotions. 

We have just talked about safety but also about contradictions. So it will be useful to know that men also love women who know how to show their emotions without any shame. Blushing in public, being moved in front of a film and crying about something wrong, are all aspects that have a certain success. And this, even if he sometimes criticizes them.

3. A sense of humor. 

Men love women who laugh at their jokes. It is something that makes them feel special and allows them to enjoy the relaxed and jovial expression of the woman next to them. At the same time, they appreciate women who show they can surprise them with funny jokes. An aspect that they find particularly attractive and that they always look for in the person they love. 

4. The ability to listen. 

We women, you know, know how to listen. And this is a feature that men adore. Knowing that they have a safe haven in which to take refuge to confide in everyday problems is something that makes them feel better and that makes them particularly appreciate the presence of a woman in their lives. Even more so when it comes to the person they love and trust.

5. Jealousy. 

Yes, if moderate, men even like jealousy. Obviously we are not talking about the one so strong as to trigger scenes or fights. Knowing that his woman likes him and arouses a pinch of jealousy in her, however, is something he likes. And, when this is expressed in a veiled but perceptible way, they are attracted to it in their own way.

6. Love for good food. 

Men like to eat. For this reason they find the woman who shares this important aspect with them particularly attractive. As is the knowledge of being able to go out for dinner to eat with pleasure in company, perhaps dividing the various courses and commenting together on what you are eating. 

7. Passion. 

Another characteristic that particularly attracts men is passion. Not only that one has towards them but also that which is expressed in every aspect of life. Passionate women are the ones they like best, because they put soul and body into everything they do, they are alive and always have something to talk about, that they care about and that they are willing to fight for.


8. Self care. 

Maybe they don't always show it but men love women who love to take care of themselves. This does not necessarily mean women who are always on a diet or obsessed with the gym but, more simply, women who love to feel beautiful and who do it in their own way. They are almost always happy, cheerful women who are able to transmit positive energies to them. 

9. The resourcefulness. 

Men like resourceful women because it makes them, first of all, unpredictable and always able to surprise. When faced with this characteristic, obviously if not exasperated, most men therefore feel particularly attracted. Even better if initiative is also a stimulus to always do new things together. I expect that to many men, often not very motivated, it even comes in handy. 

10. The desire for pampering. 

And while many of them will never admit it, one of the things men love about women is their craving for cuddles. This helps them to relax, to feel more comfortable and to be able to experience moments of sweetness with the person they love. Also, many will never confess it but, men love cuddles too.

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