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You Can Do It: How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back From Her New Boyfriend

Is it possible to win her back even if your ex left you for someone else? If the reason your ex broke up isn't that bad then you have a chance to win her back. I've been helping men regain their love for years , and I've had many cases where exes dated other men shortly after a relationship ended. 

If you find yourself in this situation too, you don't have to worry because despite the fact that your ex is seeing another man after you break up, if you react right you still have a chance to win her back. But before proceeding with the reconquest process , it is necessary to understand if you fall into the cases where it is possible to win back an ex girlfriend.

Speaking of which, have you already seen the video where I show the cases in which it is possible to win back an ex girlfriend, and the cases in which it is better to leave it alone? For example, if it's been years and your ex girlfriend is dating another man and her relationship is well-established, then in this case it's best to let it go. But if you recently broke up and started dating, then you still have a chance.

I tell you this because I have been helping a lot of my friends conquer and regain women for years, I have written a articles on the subject and help numerous men who were in this uncomfortable situation. And despite their ex-girlfriends seeing other people, they managed to win them back. Want to know how they managed to win back their ex despite this annoying third wheel? 

See dear brother, I fully understand how you feel if your ex girlfriend has left you and is dating someone else. It is certainly a very hard moment I do not doubt it, because actually in this dramatic situation there are two problems. In addition to the disappointment of love of having been left, there is also the pain and jealousy of the fact that you are dating another.

Unfortunately, answering this question completely in a simple article is not possible. The subject is complex and getting an ex girlfriend back is not something to be taken lightly, it requires: commitment, Precision, Self discipline, Self control and Patience.

Yes, you got it right, thanks to the numerous success stories that have occurred over the years, I have helped dozens of men to win back their ex girlfriend. And thanks to these experiences, I realized that even if a woman recently broke up for another or is seeing someone else, her ex still has an influence on her. Now you can influence her positively or negatively. Influencing it in a positive way means stimulating it in the right ways through a strategy that includes: 

i. Understanding and solving the problem that led to the breakup of the relationship.

ii. Understanding and Empowering the masculine characteristics that women find attractive in a man.

3 Useful tips to follow if your ex is with someone else. 

1. Don't Make a Scene of Jealousy.

The biggest bullshit you can commit if you fall into this case is making jealousy scenes. If you see your ex hanging out with someone else and make big jealousy scenes you risk burning out any chance of getting her back forever. And I say this for very specific reasons:

The outbursts of jealousy lead to disgrace in public. If you make this kind of mistake especially in public, it is as if you are adding fuel to the fire, further complicating the situation. Because beyond the fool you will suffer the social pressure, the people who witness the jealousy scene will shoot at your back, and your ex would never return together with someone who has not washed in dirty clothes in the family.

It is one thing that discussing and arguing separately, an account in public. If you really care about winning back your ex, avoid making jealousy scenes, in any kind of form, whether live or online with a message on facebook, Instagram whatsapp or via email.

2. Don't speak ill of anyone.

It is normal that if your ex is with another, the nervousness is such that it leads you to speak badly of him, her or both. But this will not lead to anything good, you will show by doing this that you are in pain and that you are a weak person, you will lead your ex to think that she did well to leave you.

I know it's hard not to speak badly in this situation, but even if he were the best man on the face of the earth right now you would find a lot of flaws in him, just because you're jealous. The solution is not him, it is not that by turning against him or by waging war that you will solve the problem, the solution is to win back the heart of your ex girlfriend. 

3. Focus on what you can do.

Even if you currently have no control over your ex girlfriend, remember that there is always something you can do to get better and overcome problems.

Doing nothing all day, staying indoors, listening to sad songs, constantly thinking about your ex will only make the situation worse. Very often when one is left behind, it inflicts further pain on oneself.

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You Can Do It


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