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Life Is Not Fair At All. See Where A Boy Had To Spend A Night.

We always lament about what we don't have, forgetting that what we do have is likely needed by someone else. To live a peaceful, stress-free life, we should value what we have because someone else could be going through a worse situation than you.

Take a closer look at the illustration below. You, like me, will be disappointed and amazed at the same time.

I was wasting time today by scrolling through my Facebook news feed aimlessly.

After seeing this photo, I was taken aback and surprised.

It's almost winter, and a street boy who didn't have a proper sleeping place in the early morning had to sleep in a thin and tiny portion of a pipe.

Since he wanted both warmth and a place to sleep, the boy had to choose the drain for sleeping and try to cover himself in a piece of quilt while sleeping.

In contrast to the kid, a dog, who is also in need of warmth, may be pondering how powerless and hapless humans may be.

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