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Divorce Affair

Opinion: Why Marriages In Ancient Times Are Better Than Contemporary Ones

Do we have true love now in marriages? I think marriages now has nothing like love these days. I can fervently recall how marriages in the olden days were. Though every couple have little arguments here and there, it didn't aggravate into divorce. Women were patient, loving and accomodating. They took care of the home as if it was their permanent job. There were not so many broken homes as we see now. People marry and divorce after two months or for a short while.

Am trying to ask myself what could have gone wrong of late. In the past, there was nothing like courting or dating. Parents who have sons would go to ask a woman they think is rightful for their sons based on their respectful behaviour, hardwork and manners. However, to our surprise, such marriages last and grow with love. The choice of our parents were perfect for us and they have the final say in our lives.

Most at times, what young couple needs is patience and understanding. With these two weapons, love would grow and grow. Not forgetting, tolerance and adaption. Every person needs to be tolerant with others especially your partner and be able to adapt to new things about your partner like; as a woman you must know your husband's favourite food. The way to man's heart is through his stomach.

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