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Couples, Please 5 Secrets You Should Not Keep From Your Partner

When a relationship has weathered all storms and progressed to marriage, it must have possessed a high level of patience and endurance.

married couples shouldn't keep secrets from their partners. You are the same as married people, and you should be open to one another. Keeping secrets from one another indicates that you do not have complete trust in each other. And trust is the essential foundation of any long-term relationship. The following are five secrets you should never keep from your partner:

1. Your very past:

It makes no difference what kind of person you were or what bad things you did. Everyone has a dark past hidden somewhere. Try to come clean with it before entering into mаrriаge. Don't be afraid that you'll lose your partner as a result. The truth is that if they truly love you, they will stand with you no matter what. They'll adore you all the more. And if your partner tells you about their less-than-pleasant past, you may not use it against them in the future. Maturity is a virtue. Encourage them to do so. Make them believe that everything will be alright, and everything will be fine.

2. Your reproduction status:

Many men do this especially when they find that they may not be able to be like their father. Then the responsibility lies with the woman. This is wrong. Never keep your reappearance away from your раrtner.

3. Your job:

Some people don't let their staff know where they work or how much they receive because of their reasons. However, no matter what the reason is, they are not аррrорriаte.

4. Your bad habits:

Your ability to live together means that you have become one person. Hiding your habits from them will only make the situation worse. Show your true self from the beginning, only true love will let them spend with you. They will even change you before you know what happened, you will become a better person.

5. How good (or bad) you can use money.

Money has a tendency to form or destroy relationships, so when it comes to debt and consumption habits, try to reach a consensus as soon as possible.

"Just like sex, talking about our relationship with money can also be very fragile," sex and intimacy consultant Xаnet аilet told Bustle. "The'third track' of a relationship is sex and money. When it comes to money, people's expectations abound (for example, who pays for dinner, holidays, etc.). If you want to build trust, then start these conversations. It’s important. Your relationship."

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