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Road Accident

Never Do This in a Moving Car: It Left My Cousin Blind for Life.

There are things that are harmful and a threat to life but we trivialize them as human beings. Especially teenagers, when they are in their youthful exuberances, they tend to be malevolent towards reasonable activities or moves. But as the laws of nature have it- in everything there are consequences.

Most of the time, we tend to get cosy and trendy on matters. Even the young men who drive mostly do so at top speed to attract attention and hype. They are just clout chasers and fame enthused. Most ladies also have the tendencies to showcase themselves to the public in a way that informs the public that they’re comfortable in life and can do anything they want.

So, predominantly, some ladies sit in a car and stretch their legs on the dashboard as their boyfriends, brothers or friends drive. As they do that, they normally use the phone and ignore the seatbelt. This is what my cousin did when she was travelling with her boyfriend. She didn’t know there was something called “Airbag” in the dashboard. Airbags are safety restraints in an automobile. The bag inflates on collision and prevents the driver or passenger from being thrown forward.

But as their car skid off the road and crashed into a trailer truck on the Mampong stretch, their airbags was released. As some of you may know, airbags deploy between 100 and 220 MPH speed. So, immediately the airbag was released with her legs on the dashboard, it sent her knees straight into her eyes sockets and that was the end of her “seeing” days.

Today, although she is well and fit, she has lost her ability to see because her knees hit the eyes soo hard that it damaged the entire socket. This is a caution to the public. Stay away from such actions. Keep your legs down and seatbelts always on when in cars. You never know when you’re getting in an accident. Besides, no one is immune to a vehicle accident. 

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