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A Married Man Tells Why He Developed Hatred For Every Woman He Meets After His Father Died

Issah Awobre, a 32 years old married man who is a resident of Ahafo-Mim recounted why he has developed a hatred for every woman he meets since his father died in 2013. The man proclaimed he lived with his father called Mahama Zakari since childhood.

The father disclosed to him that he came across his wife in Accra years ago, they dated for some months before they got married and were staying happily but his mother fell sick so they travel back to his hometown to look after her. The father again told him that he spent every money he had seeking medical care for his mother but she didn't survive.

She died two years later but his father too couldn't go back to Accra again due to the hardship so he got employed in a company in their neighboring town. He returned from work one night to find out that his wife has abandoned Issah in the room and also pack all the things in his room.

He waited for the whole night but his wife didn't come back again, his father then went to his wife's family house and truly found her at that place, he didn't tell her anything but quietly came back home and took care of him till he grew up. Issah added that he realized he needs mother's love and decided to search for her, he tried every means for his father to tell him the whereabouts of his mother but the man didn't tell him.

The father even told him that unless he killed him before he will be able to locate where his biological mother is staying. Issah claims he got upset with his father for denying the opportunity to meet his mother so he ran away from home. A few months later his father fell sick and died out of sorrow.

Although he went back home to perform his funeral rites and again asked his family members about his mother but none of them was willing to help him. Issah said at that moment he developed hatred for his mother and all the women he come across because of how his mother abandoned him when he was a toddler without looking for him.

Due to this hatred, he doesn't have any sympathy for every woman who is going through problems. Although he is married and has given birth but still has that hatred for women. The man revealed he doesn't feel comfortable for not being able to meet his mother and has been crying all night due to this problem. Issah is seeking for help from the general public to help him to locate where his mum is staying.

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