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He wants you to read these signs and know he is into you

Do you have a clue that a guy likes you but you aren't sure?

Do you have feelings for a guy but you aren't sure if he does too?

Well, it's normal to have these thoughts in mind as an adolescent but there's a way to find out if he truly likes you as much as you do.

It's sometimes very difficult to read a guy's feelings but he would obviously give you signs.

You have to be very observant in order to find out his feelings.

Below are 6 of such signs.

1. He acts differently when he's around you.

If you know a guy as the noisy type but don't see him behave as such when he's around you, then he probably likes you. Pay close attention to his body language as well when he's around you. He'd also tend to talk less.

2. He tends to ask a lot of questions.

A guy who likes you would want to know a lot about you and as such would ask a lot of questions. He would listen to you attentively. He is always happy when you do all the talking and is always interested in the conversation. He might even ask you very personal questions and even your relationship status.

3. He spends a lot of time with you.

A guy who likes you would always look for different opportunities to be with you. He's happy when he gets the slightest chance to talk to you or spend time with you. He would always want to text you as well.

4. He is a little over protective when it comes to you.

He always wants to make sure you're okay and stay with you when you aren't okay. He would always want to escort you to your destination anytime you go for a walk.

5. He puts in an effort to make you smile always.

Most guys tease girls they like a lot just to put a smile on their face. They crack lots of jokes as well because they want to seem cool. A guy who likes you would compliment you a lot and would always want to get your attention.

6. Anytime he's around you, he hardly talks about having anything to do with any other girl.

When a guy likes you, he doesn't want to talk about any other girl when he's with you. Even if it comes up in the conversation, he is careful about what he says so that you don't think he feels anything for any other girl.

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