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Divorce Affair

CCTV: Take A Look At What Happened After A Lady Caught Her Husband Cheating With Another Lady

The question that most ladies have is, "What do men want in ladies?" This is because most women think men cheat a lot in relationships; therefore, they are never satisfied with one woman. Most people would agree with me that cheating is one of the most dangerous weapons in marriages.

Well, a lady and her man caused so much stir on social media after the lady caught the man with another lady.

In the CCTV footage, you could see a lady entering her home, where she saw a pair of ladies' slippers in front of the door. She entered the house and asked the man who owned the slippers, but he denied it, claiming he had no idea.

The woman went on searching the room but didn't see the lady the man was cheating with. In the video, the woman caught cheating escapes through another door and was seen dressing outside the house. She was later caught by the man's wife but escaped after struggling with the woman.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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