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Husband and wife relationship

Man out with his story after he got married to three wives

The marriage rite amongs Ghanaian society is changing small small unlike the olden days where one man could get married to three or more wives if only he can care for their needs

A picture posted on Facebook this morning indicate the sad situation of a Aman who got married to three wives.

In the picture reads;

A man who have three wives went to his office one morning, later he decided to go home for lunch, when the man reach home he saw three things,

Firstly, he met his first wife beating his mother.

Secondly, he saw the second wife in bed with another man.

Finally, the third wife was putting medicine in his food so that her husband would love her more than her mate.

Now! The question is whom will you forgive if you were the man?

Note: Your answer should be only one.

Below is how people react to it on Facebook

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