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Divorce Affair

The Most Important Things You Must Know Before Marrying Him Or Her

Marriage is one of the best things that can happen to any male or female adult depending on how it works out. Marriage can also spell the doom of any male or female adult depending on how it works out.No matter how it goes, there are always lessons one can learn from marriage. Lessons that can be of benefit to others and even oneself going forward

One of the first lessons that I learned in marriage is that you cannot change someone who is not willing to change by him or herself. People are not who they are or what they are in terms of character because of anyone. People are what they are because of the habits that they have built into their character. Habits that have becomes character hence impossible or difficult to change. For example, you often hear people in marriage trying to justify unfaithfulness by blaming the other partner for their action. You hear people say “I cheated because my wife or husband cheated or because my wife or husband cannot satisfy me in bed”

Granted, what you say about your partner is true but how is your cheating a solution to the problem? People cheat or tell lies because it's in their nature and character to cheat and tell lies

The most important and biggest marriage lesson I learned is that love does not make a marriage work. Love is not the most important ingredient for a successful marriage. You do not marry love, you marry a human being with character. The character that responds to poverty, a character that responds to anger, a character that responds to issues and bad times. Most of the time the response of people’s character to these things makes love worthless in terms of solving a problem. The most important ingredient for a successful marriage is knowledge. Knowledge of the person you are going to marry, knowledge of you and knowledge of what marriage is

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