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Divorce Affair

Alhaji Banda Claims His Wife Kicked Him To Confirm whether he is dead

Alhaji Banda describes the scheme his first wife used to court him, which involved kicking him when he fell in the bathroom to see if he was alive.

Alhaji Asumah Banda, a business mogul and one of Ghana's first multimillionaires, has responded to the divorce petition filed by his first wife, Cassandra Banda, through his lawyers. In his response, Banda has stated that based on his experience with Cassandra, he does not believe that she wishes him well.

As previously reported by, Cassandra Banda has filed a divorce petition against her husband, Alhaji Asumah Banda, in London. In the petition, Cassandra alleges that her husband has "run away from their marital home," among other grounds for which she is seeking the dissolution of their marriage with a settlement for herself

"According to a statement from Alhaji Asumah Banda's lawyers, as reported by, Alhaji Banda had a bathroom accident in 2015. He stated that he slipped and fell in the bathroom while staying with Cassandra in their marital home."

Alhaji Banda's lawyers claimed that Cassandra, who was present at the scene of the accident, either refused or was unable to provide immediate assistance to their client. They further alleged that Cassandra was instead "peering" through the bathroom glass enclosures to observe the state of their client, whether he was conscious or unconscious

According to court records, Cassandra allegedly waited several minutes before going into the bathroom to "kick" their client to check if they were alive. It was only after realizing that Alhaji Banda was still breathing that Cassandra called for help and sought medical assistance for Alhaji Banda. This information was reportedly learned by

According to court records, after Alhaji experienced a partial recovery, he decided to leave Cassandra Banda and move in with Edwina Baaba Coussey Banda, his second wife. Alhaji and Edwina were separated between 2006 and 2015 due to her alleged infidelity. Cassandra Banda does not recognize the marriage between Alhaji and Edwina. Since then, Alhaji has been living with Edwina.

Cassandra Banda, who has 5 children with Alhaji Asumah Banda, is requesting that the court grant her more than 60% of the assets and properties acquired during their marriage. She claims that Alhaji was legally married to her in London in 1974 before he met and married Edwina Baaba in Accra, making his second marriage legally void. Cassandra also accuses Edwina of being one of Alhaji's "numerous philandering partners" whom he chose to "marry".

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