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20 Common signs girls show when they don't like you

We all know that girls love to have a sweetheart or darling to be with them in a long term relationship which may be can lead to marriage. But there are some signs that young ladies put up if they don't like you when you're in a relationship with them. These signs are not often noticed by so many guys out there, and some may even wonder why the girl is acting weird.

In this article I have gathered 20 Commons signs girls show when they don't like you. See them below;

1. They won't ever call you. 

2. She won't spend more than 20sec when she calls you with her credit. 

3. Accurately when you call her, she typically gives an excuse to call you later which maybe one year from now. 

4. They are rude and arrogant when they demand something from you.

5. They always get mad at you for a clearly immaterial things. 

6. They will say you need to give them space. 

7. They will start reaching you and calling you sweet name when they need something from you. 

8. They can never be totally real and approach you for absolution when they end up being grave.

9. They need you to take them out and eat up cash on them. 

10. They will leave you when you're poor and returned when you have the money 

11. They will hide so so many things from you. 

12. They can never stay with you for 1 or 2 hours. 

13. They play with your heart. 

14. They find difficult to answer your Facebook, WhatsApp and Phone SMS. 

15. They will steadily be referring to or requesting endowments and money, they will ask for cash like they give you money to save something for them. 

16. She attempts to uncover to you every one of her terrible qualities. 

17. She tries not to get involved in anything that has to do with you. 

18. She doesn't do anything superb when meeting you. 

19. She passes by you when someone else is with her. 

20. She will not show you her friends and family. 

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