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Four Simple Ways: How To Nurture A Relationship

The real adventure begins after the wedding, because love is not improvised, it grows slowly and its roots are usually the strongest. The challenge of every day is to fill your married life with details that feed the heart. Here are some ideas:

1. The right words

A phrase can sweeten the most difficult moment, make the most impossible dream attainable, express all the strength that a heart has and encourage love until it becomes a flame that is almost impossible to put out. For the effectiveness of words to increase, it is necessary to accompany them with actions. It does not matter if these are small or large, but they must be sincere and congruent with your words.

2. The smile

I once read that a smile is a curved line that straightens everything. I liked the definition a lot not only because it was ingenious but because it contains a great truth. In marriage, smiles become the bond that can unite the spouses in any circumstance. You can be optimistic and realistic at the same time. Trying to always smile is a great effort, but when you really love yourself; it is enough to exercise enough so that the smiles are spontaneous when we face any circumstance. Our partner will love our mischief if we smile while we ask him for a favor, or ask him to clarify some budget expenses or to carry out an activity that may not be to his liking. Surprise is the path that love takes when it wants to express itself authentically. A very prolonged routine could make your life as a couple fall into a more or less dangerous inertia. But if you propose to do something different from time to time and put your ingenuity to work, I assure you that you could compete with Valentine himself. The best thing about the unexpected is that it is usually expressed in details. A little note, an unusual call, a stolen kiss ... Think about what made your heart race when you weren't dating yet: the touch of your hands, the possibility of asking you out, a wink and try to apply it with creativity now that you are married. Your love will not fade easily, because you are fertilizing it.

3. Song

We will never forget what song was playing the first time we danced together, or on that first date or the first melody we dedicated to each other. Well now or in fifteen years we can continue looking for those compositions that tell our story. I assure you that there will always be some who can sing looking into each other's eyes, while they are moved by the memories. Many times you will have to see that action movie that would have been your last alternative, give in to go to a place that is not the one you prefer, shout when Messi scores a goal, or simply, be careful when talking and not say everything as how are you thinking. These are small sacrifices that - believe it or not, make love stronger. You can increase the effectiveness of resignations by mixing them with an almighty smile.

4. Do things together

They are not a detail, but how they feed the heart! Many times we are too cautious about the possibility that a child will come too soon. I have heard many couples say, "we want to have fun" or "we want more financial stability," or a thousand other things. It is clear that it is the spouses who decide freely on this aspect. But children provide a solidity that does not compare to the stability that economic resources provide. They strengthen love because they are the fruit of something mutual.

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