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"I am Married to 2 Men" Meet a Woman Who Has Been Married by Twins For 2 Years

Marie, a lady who claims to have been dating twins without realizing it, married two twin brothers she claims to have been dating without realizing they were twins.

However, falling in love with and marrying the same lady is unheard of for twins.

After discovering her boyfriend's twin brother existence, she ended herself dating two guys.

Upon learning that Marie had dated two identical twins, everyone was shocked and astonished Neither of them hesitate when asked if they would marry Marie.

A lot of people were astonished and disapproving of their relationship when they first met. It took them a while to adjust, but eventually they stopped finding it shocking.

After two years of marriage, they say they're content. Twins would be ideal for them as they are expecting their first child.

Besides her love for the brothers, Marie has urged others to follow their feelings when choosing a spouse.

Women in such systems are not "cheating" by any stretch of the imagination, nor are the men being cuckolded.

You can imagine when a child is born more DNA tests will be needed to discover who the father is. The problem is only going to get worse.

I wouldn’t suggest polyandry if the gender ratio was not so severely imbalanced, “If two men are willing to marry the same wife and the woman is willing, too, what reason does society have to stop them sharing a wife.


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