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The Social Media Revenge Strategy: The New Ways Guys Are Dealing With Ladies That 'Bounced' Them.

Many years ago in secondary school, a colleague of mine who happened to be a celebrity now was painfully 'bounced' by one of the prettiest girls on campus and that almost made him go gaga. To add insult to injury, the girl made copies of the letter in which he espoused those beautiful wooing words and according to some of our female colleagues, posted them in their washrooms.

Fast forward, this lady who indicated wouldn't want to date my colleague because she wasn't ready, we spotted (my colleague, others an I who knew about his affection for this girl) on the lap of a guy from one of the popular high schools in 'one corner' during an after party of our golden jubilee celebration which saw students from other high schools trooping in.

On our way home that day (we were day students), but for the effectiveness of the driver's brake, my friend would have been knocked down. Apparently he was unknowingly walking in the middle of the road,and some of us were too occupied with our thoughts to have even noticed. He was brokenhearted!

When we managed to drag him away from the middle of the road, the first thing that came out his mouth was, "Herh the thing pain me errh. If like e no be God I dey fear small like I go go put her picture for messenger as an ashawo..." Those were the days of Yahoo Messenger. His utterance based on the pain he felt around that time stuck with me and whenever I see him on TV, I laugh.

Reading the story of the married lady with a child whose picture is circulating on social media, purportedly as being a prostitute and HIV positive just reminded me of this incident and felt people are made aware that some of these things are revenge strategies people are using to get back at people who offfended them.

It's high time people come to the understanding that people don't easily forgive. Even those who forgive hardly forget and at the least opportunity will want to pay you back especially when they notice you are happy and doing well.

Even more dangerous is the exchange of nudes. Guys especially can be very vengeful when they realize that women they jilted or the ones that jilted them seem to be doing well or relatively better than them. They will usually start with blackmail and when you don't budge, will hit the social media with your nudes and once it goes viral, you will need counseling, prayers and strong will to be able able to withstand the backlash.

Watchout and be aware!

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Social Media Revenge Strategy


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